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Sold out show at the vec and 80sguy shows love plus new single coming may 10th!

So this past month I did a live show at the Victoria event center and was happy to hear we sold out! Thx again to Miko for having me. The show was amazing and I felt the love. The performers were so rad. Ill be posting some footage of the show soon. Stay tuned...

Also I want to thank 80s guy for being one of the best supporters in the synthwave scene. He has made a killer video for my music and you can check it out and my new single Real One at Thanks so much to him for the love and support! Subscribe to his channel for the best in Synthwave.

and now for LOVE WARRIOR updates: I have a new single out May 10th feat the awesomely talented Jacket. Very stoked to share it with you all. Stay tuned for more news soon about the release date of LOVE WARRIOR. The single is called Pretender. "it takes guts to tell you i need you it takes more then you can give...your just a pretender telling me lies"

Thanks for all the love for my single Real One. Glad people are digging it. So excited to share the rest of the album. Album promo and cover art reveal soon!

Love you all and stay rad


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