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OCEANSIDE85 LIVE! Show footage and new pics for the gallery!

Ever dreamed of seeing me live? Well now you can. Check out my 2 new Live performance clips from my last show. Hopefully I'll come to one of your cities sometime in the future but until then here! Enjoy! Tattoo and No time Timelines and Alien Lover

Ive updated the gallery pics from the last show! here: If you're a fan then how about support me by grabbing my new album LOVE WARRIOR out now! 12 retro tracks of love loss and empowerment. link to purchase here: Every cent I get from the fans support goes back into this project and helps me make more retro jams! Thank you to all who support me! I appreciate each one of you. Cheers! Have a rad spring and summer yall and stay tuned for LOVE WARRIOR pt 2 coming in the new year! Love Oceanside85


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