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LOVE WARRIOR OUT NOW + NRW feature and new music vid!

Hey all Its finally Spring on my island and I'm enjoying the sun and beach. Celebrating the release of my new album Love Warrior and taking a much needed rest but I have radical news! My song Moving in the shadows feat Elevate the sky has been supported and featured by New Retro Wave youtube channel. Thank you to NRW for the love. This album was really hard to process but I'm super proud of the results. It was a very hard time for me when I wrote it. I'm thankful to the experiences that formed this album ..the bad and good. When I get back at it I'll be finishing up the part 2 to Love Warrior and am going to be working on some other styles so look out for much more to come!

Thank you so much to those who have already bought the album streamed it or shared it. I so appreciate you! The most rewarding thing about making music is when I hear how the songs touched someone <3 Its a honour to be able to bring that feeling to you whatever feeling memory or emotion it may be. Thx for listening. <3

Not only was the album released but I made a music video with my synth bro Scott of elevate the can chk it out below. We had a lot of fun putting this together. Video was shot in my hometown of Victoria B.C and in California for Scotts half. There are little easter eggs for people from my city ...see if you can tell where I shot my parts.

Ok back to the crystal caves of dimension O85 to make more synthwaves.... till next time stay rad and jam on!

Love ,

Oceanside85 <3


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