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Pre orders now available for REAL ONE single out Jan 15th!

Hey everybody I'm excited to announce the pre order for my first single Real One off my upcoming album Love Warrior out in Summer 2023. For this track I worked with one of my favorite producers out there the legendary Sellorekt L.A Dreams. Real One is dedicated to anyone who ever had a horrible date that wasted your time or a love that didn't match your efforts. I bring 100% of my heart along with me...every time. Real One's will understand what I'm talking about. Stay tuned for more Love Warrior reveals. Cheers to everyone and Happy New Year! May your 2023 be blessed and filled with love and joy.



Love Warrior Rule #3 Self love is paramount. Especially when dealing with the dissolution of a romance. Stand up for yourself and own your worth. You are worth your needs. Never settle. When the waves of life try to crash into you hold fast and be the water.


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