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The Gambling Commission are now clearly aware of the increasing pressure and evidence for action in this area, as on 12 February 2020 Mr McArthur gave evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm and “confirmed for the first time that the Gambling Commission would be reviewing online stakes within six months”

We have recommended in paragraph 101, that online stake limits are brought within the remit of the triennial review of stake and prize limits, alongside gaming machines.

We recommend that the Government should work with the Gambling Commission to establish a category system for online gambling products. 186. The Government and the Gambling Commission should use the online product categories to set stake limits for online gambling products.

The Chief Executives of the five largest gambling operators raised concerns that although gaming machines have stake limits “there is not a black market for playing these, but if you were to apply that limit online you would transfer a lot of potentially vulnerable players to offshore sites, where they cannot be protected.”

Despite this apprehension, we have not received evidence which supports this view. We understand this concern however, we are far from convinced that this risk outweighs the need for the regulation and restriction of stake limits.


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