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NEWS WAVE: New Oceanside85 updates! NEW VLOG AND LOGO

Hey guys a little Oceanside85 update since its been a minute. I have been TOILING AWAY IN THE CRYSTAL CAVES OF AVALON AT OCEANSIDE85 STUDIOS I AM NOW MORE POWERFUL THEN EVER AND IM BRINGING THAT SUGAR and SPICE... With this new power surging through me I have forged a new and sexy sound I am excited to share with you. Made out of pure neon and big booty bass... NEW MUSIC COMING! Look forward to a new 10 track album called Hey Sexy! I have a new vlog all about what I've been up to. Link below to watch. New music videos are coming. One of which is with an amazing and radical synth brother..its a surprise and Ill post up the video as soon as its out! Collaborations always on the go and I will have a couple for you soon. As things start to get better I will be looking to do live shows to re connect with you all and show you guys my new music. Until then I have a couple other live stream ideas. Hope to see you all at a show one day! I cant wait to get back on stage. <3 Stay tuned because I'm just getting started...


New logos: O85 80skid and Life's a beach by Jimmy Synthetic Animation by SHOGUN

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