Hey guys! Its October wow time flies! I've been working on so much music and forgot to post up that I released some music videos and have more on the way!

I released Dreamstate music video, Xtra Special, and well as Neon Lights and coming in Oct a brand new video Children of the Rainbow ...many have been featured on Static Realms music hour and I am so thankful to them for their amazing support. <3 Check out the links to watch their music hour shows..I am featured in Ep 1 2 and 3..around the 35.55 mark on ep 1 you can see a interview with me and my video Devour from my darksynth release Absolution. The videos have also been featured on 80sguy channel shout out to him for supporting underground female electronic artists.

Follow me on instagram @oceansidewaves for more

and if you want exclusive content become a patreon see stills from the music vid and lots of other goodies..downloads..exclusive and you will be helping me create music!

PS Subscribe to my youtube channel for all videos and content will be uploaded eventually haha ;)

Stay tuned for more and stay rad and spooky!

love Oceanside85

@ 46.29 my new video XTRA SPECIAL and interview ..starring some amazing Synthfam.

@ 35.55 my interview starts

@ 32:28 my music video FLOAT

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