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Heat off Hey Sexy on FORGED IN NEONS top trax of the week!

The Sexy people at Forged in Neon have rated Heat a top track of the week and I cant thank them enough for their hot and gorgeous review of my new track Heat off my upcoming album Hey sexy out Oct 31st. Thank you so much to them for their amazing support!

"Doing it for the Ladies, OCEANSIDE 85 is a force to be reckoned with. Her newest and arguably most controversial Album to date 'Hey Sexy' drops on the 31st October and I for one can't wait to hear it in all it's rhythmic glory. She pivots a little to give us all a peek into her neon boudoir and she's racked up some gems on this album for sure. 'Heat' stands out to me for all the right reasons, its punchy, catchy and commands you dance! Awesome! " -

Forged in Neon .com

Stay tuned for more previews from the album and dont forget to check out for the most radical and new news on the synthwave scene!

Pre order Hey Sexy @


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