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Happy New Year with Love from Oceanside85!

T H E Y E A R I S 2 0 2 2 A N D W E A R E B E I N G S W I T H I N F I N I T E P O T E N T I A L ... L E T S W E R K Happy New Year yall! May 2022 bring you good fortune and many blessings. I've been counting my blessing lately and I am so lucky they are really stacking up. I released a new album Hey Sexy. I was featured on Band camp daily and I had a show in Oct 2020 at the Victoria Event Center that sold out!! First show back in 2 years. I am so thankful and ready to keep serving in 2022! Get ready for some big news coming as well as new collaborations and music videos! Thank you all so much who have supported my new album. Hey Sexy was a album I was kind of nervous to put out because its the first time I have revealed that I am Bisexual. Releasing this album felt so empowering. I cant thank all the people who have helped me make this album possible enough. Most of all thank you to the fans of my music who continue to love and support me <3 Love and support right back atcha my loves! I am currently hunkering down to complete some collaborations. I am excited to share with you this new music in 2022. Stay tuned for more announcements! There will be new albums and eps coming. If you don't have a copy yet Hey Sexy is available at This album is my love note to my new community and a statement on being who you want to be and that Love is love. No more hiding I am Bisexual and I am proud! Thank you again<3 Stay sexy and stay tuned! #sexyisamindset #loveislove


Oceanside85 <3


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