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Hey guys super stoked to share with you my new single Shifting Frequencies Feat (the amazing) 20sixhundred and Cody Carpenter out now! 💖 Thank you to my synth brothers it was a true blessing to create music with you. <3 The song is about our collective infinite potential. We are all vibrant beautiful beings and I will forever yell it on the mountain tops! Originally I wrote this song a year ago to support the Orcas and we cant forget about them but as things change I feel it calls me to also acknowledge the heroes of this world crisis we are all dealing with and so this song is also now dedicated to all the front line workers and health care workers Doctors, Nurses, who are helping this world fight. Thank you so much. All proceeds of this single will be donated to Covid19 relief at the To everyone at home or who is helping however they can thank you! We are warriors. Together we will win this fight. Thank you so much for listening and please consider donating to: Covid19 Relief Orca Foundation #Weareinfinitepotential Stay rad and Be well! Love Oceanside85

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