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Hey guys checking in and I just wanted to say love you all and hope you have a mad game of hide &amp

Thank u guys so much for being so rad & the support you give. I know this is a crazy time. I hope you are all healthy and I send my love. Hopefully I can provide you enough blanket fort soundtrack and or montage music for you in this time when you need it the most. <3 I will try my best. *blows a kiss from very very far away. I have been working tirelessly to release my album Neon Dreams and it is still on track for July 5th. I will have music videos also I'm excited to share with you. I also have a big announcement! NEW VIP MEMBERSHIP on my bandcamp! What does that mean? It means you can now diver 9000 meters deeper in to the ocean and really find some treasures. There is a new VIP membership that you can join if you want to get all extras and previews and news you get in my mailing list but I will go a little more into the depths of the ocean. It will now be where I post a bunch of exclusive content and music. A new tier for whoever would be interested in a closer look at what I do and my project and would like to support me in my music. I will still be giving updates and new music announcements in my mailing list but most extra content will now be for VIP members on my bandcamp. Please join the VIP membership so I can share all the things I have coming and I have a LOT. I am really really excited for it I cant wait to show you all. <3 Join here!

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