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Hey guys hope you are well and chillin in these hectic times. I have been doing so many collaborations I plum forgot to post them on here. Soooooo here are 3! NEW COLLABS Please take a listen and support these amazing producers who are super rad and were really fun to work with.

Well Ive worked with one of them before and that producer is Driver86! Rad guy and we just did another 2nd collaboration last month called One and Only with Till Wild. <3 Its a ballad of a love that was written in the stars. You can check it out at this link:

I also got to recently do my first Duet with the super awesome Millennium Falc and the most excellent Hot Heels. A love song for the one you dont want to lose called Never Let Me Go. Check it out here:

And Last but not least I was super excited and proud to work with the Italo legend Andy Fox. We made a track I think may get you moving on the dance floor the living room for the time being. Check it out here and support Andy Fox! The track is called One More Dance. Dig it here:

Thanks for checking out my new music wayyyyyy more to come!! :) <3 Stay safe and be well!



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