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Harpoon 4.1 Rules




Category:Miniature wargames Category:Board wargames Category:Clash of Arms Games games Category:Naval games Category:Games and sports introduced in 1996Monday, September 28, 2011 One of the many things I am learning about the Bible is it's incredibly rich and complex language. The story of Ruth is a wonderful example of this, a story that is even older than the stories of Genesis, Judges, and Samuel. Though it is a story of God, it's a story of people and why they are who they are. Ruth was a Moabite woman. She was married to a man named Orpah, whom she probably left her home with to seek a better life in the land of Israel. Some people believe that Ruth was a widow because he was killed in battle, but in the Hebrew Scriptures it says that they had been married for some time. Their son Obed lived into adulthood and became a judge. Ruth and Orpah lived into adulthood and decided that it was time to return to Moab to live in their old home. But Ruth fell in love with a man named Boaz and wanted to marry him instead. Orpah refused. The story is simple enough. Boaz and Ruth are living happily, but things change when a man named Elimelech decides to return to his homeland to visit his ancestral home. He leaves his family home and they decide to go with him. The Bible says that they were careful to see that Elimelech and his family went with them, but Ruth is not careful enough to wait and follow them. She goes home before the others do, and while they travel, their son dies. Blessings and curses are given as a result of what Ruth does. This includes her being able to marry into the family of the man who is a king. The important point is that both Ruth and Orpah are blessed by God. Ruth gets to return to her old home and be with her daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. She also gets to marry a good and kind man who is her family. She even gets to live in her old home as her grand-daughter gets older. And we get to learn a lesson. Orpah doesn't get to live in her old home. She dies. She dies not knowing she would be blessed. She dies knowing that Ruth would be blessed. This is an incredibly important lesson for those of




Harpoon 4.1 Rules

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