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Newest Tracks

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Oceanside85 is aN ARTIST from Victoria B.C. Canada.  bringing you past lives and future lives translated through audio crystallized in time.


A producer and singer With powerhouse ballads and retro electric delivery. let her move you through the time crystal matrix of the universe with her synthwaves to light the way.


Forged in the 80s/90s she bleeds neon and is Inspired by Inspired by dreams and blurry memories as well as artists such as Talking heads, Kraftwerk, Sade, Erykah badu, Nina Simone, Cindy Lauper, Annie lennox, David Bowie, Madonna, KMFDM, Peaches, Cher, Salt n Peppa, Billy Idol, Simone Denny, Love inc, John Carpenter, Blondie, Janis Joplin, NIN, Stevie Knicks, Black Sabbath and Pat Benatar to name a few ..Oceanside85 has channelled her influences into her own blend of Synthwave, Darksynth, and Synthpop fusing elements of rnb, 80’s pop, Lofi and hip hop vibes. Always experimental. Welcome to dimension Oceanside85.

CURRENT STATUS: Toiling away in the crystal caves of Avalon in Dimension O85  working on new music.


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