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Oceanside85 is a  singer/producer from Victoria B.C. Canada. An 80's kid bringing you Retro Future dimensions translated through audio crystallized in time. With her powerhouse ballads and retro electric delivery let her move you through the time crystal matrix of the universe with her synthwaves to light the way. Inspired by dreams and blurry memories. Forged in the 80s/90s she bleeds neon and is Inspired by artists such as Kraftwerk, Sade, Nina Simone, Cindy Lauper, David Bowie, KMFDM, Ministry, Simone Denny, Love inc,John Carpenter, Black Sabbath and Pat Benatar to name a few ..Oceanside85 has channelled her influences into her own blend of Synthwave, Darksynth, and Synthpop fusing elements of Dreamwave, 80’s pop, cyberpunk electronic pop and new wave vibes. Always experimental. Welcome to dimension Oceanside85.


May 19, 2020

Wow!! My collab with Driver86 Not Like Us has hit 100k plays!! Thats so rad! Thank you to everyone who listened!! and to New Retro Wave.for featuring the track. <3

You can check it out on NRW here..dont forget to follow Driver86 he is rad!


I've got more collaborations to come! Stay tuned and stay rad. <3

Follow me on Spotify for more! https://open.spotify.com/artist/3BP9p3Mo2O2Pa59J2joz86

April 24, 2020

Hey guys proud to show you the official video for my single Shifting Frequencies feat 20sixhundred and Cody Carpenter! Its featuring some radical synth family Dana Jean Phoenix Cat Temper and Czarina. The video was shot locally and my first music video Ive directed. It was really fun so stay tuned for more videos! Check it out below and thank you to The 80sguy for featuring it on his channel. <3

This track is a charity track to help Covid relief and all proceeds go to The Victoria B.C Rapid relief fund. <3

Thank you so much for listening and please consider donating to:
http://victoriafoundation.bc.ca/rapid-relief-fund/ C...

April 24, 2020

Hey guys super stoked to share with you my new single Shifting Frequencies Feat (the amazing) 20sixhundred and Cody Carpenter out now! 💖 Thank you to my synth brothers it was a true blessing to create music with you. <3 The song is about our collective infinite potential. We are all vibrant beautiful beings and I will forever yell it on the mountain tops!

Originally I wrote this song a year ago to support the Orcas and we cant forget about them but as things change I feel it calls me to also acknowledge the heroes of this world crisis we are all dealing with and so this song is also now dedicated to all the front line...

April 12, 2020

Hey guys my Patreon is now live! Patreon will now be where I post everything as well as extra content and exclusive music and other goodies! It was too much hassle to keep the mailing list and the Vip bandcamp going as well as the website and all the rest IM ONLY ONE WOMAN HERE haha soooooo this will be way easier to keep up with while trying to do a crazy amount of music at the same time. If you want to support me and see much much more then just my quippy posts then consider joining. You will be greatly rewarded. I truly appreciate it! Where my oceansiders at? #oceangang

You can join at https://www.patreon.com/oceansid...

April 12, 2020

Hey guys hows it going I dont know about you but Im about to watch every season of the golden girls with much more time since stayin inside to do my part. Good news! Check it out my collaboration with Driver86 was featured on NRW! Thats awesome I'm so stoked for more people to hear it <3 Driver86 is super rad and dont forget to also follow him! Check out the track below!

I dont know about you but Im listening to ALOT more music now in this time. Stay safe and be well everyone!


Oceanside85 <3

April 3, 2020

Hey guys so Ive been working super hard to get you the best I can muster with music videos and merch so I reveal to you the new refreshed O85 logo. Logo by Can Bablik. Ive been up to lots lately and I have been editing music videos/ shooting promos I cant wait to show you more! I will have something for you guys end of April so stay tuned! Hope all of you are chilling and staying safe!


O85 <3

March 23, 2020

Hey guys I'm really putting in into 5th gear with collabs at the moment and its only just begun!

I am super excited to announce another collab with the amazing CORP86 from Argentina!!

He sent me this beautiful track. I sat down and it just flowed and I completed the song in a hour. I couldnt of done it without their great work and track. Please check them out and support they are awesome! <3


The track is called True Love..Its about loving someone so much you never ever give u...

March 23, 2020

I am stoked to announce I have a new line of merch out from a great new printing company so I can get the highest quality product to my fans who I absolutely cherish.

Oceanside85's radical threads merch line is here with more to come!

Featuring 3 new designs

1. Oceanside85 - Men's Tri-Blend Cat Crew Tee. This purrfectly high quality slim fit tee has a casually elegant vibe featuring Oceanside85's illustrious Synth cats Salem and Binx. Additionally, unbelievably cute synth cats on a soft tri-blend fabric makes it extremely comfortable, radical, and magical - once put on, feel the majestic power of the synth cats coar...

March 23, 2020

Thank u guys so much for being so rad & the support you give.
I know this is a crazy time. I hope you are all healthy and I send my love.
Hopefully I can provide you enough blanket fort soundtrack and or montage music for you in this time when you need it the most. <3 I will try my best.

*blows a kiss from very very far away.

I have been working tirelessly to release my album Neon Dreams and it is still on track for July 5th. I will have music videos also I'm excited to share with you. I also have a big announcement!

NEW VIP MEMBERSHIP on my bandcamp! What does that mean? It means you can now diver 9000 meters deeper...

March 23, 2020

Hey guys hope you are well and chillin in these hectic times. I have been doing so many collaborations I plum forgot to post them on here. Soooooo here are 3! NEW COLLABS Please take a listen and support these amazing producers who are super rad and were really fun to work with.

Well Ive worked with one of them before and that producer is Driver86! Rad guy and we just did another 2nd collaboration last month called One and Only with Till Wild. <3 Its a ballad of a love that was written in the stars. You can check it out at this link:


I also got to recently do my first D...

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